Bankrobber for your SP404SX on Linux!

Get and install Adobe Air

According to this article, AdobeAir is now available for Ubuntu 16.04/15.10/15.04/14.04/12.04/Linux Mint 17.X/17/13

I suppose, users of mentioned systems could be sure that this method will fork 100%. Also, I hope, that users of another distros have all chances to run it (but with some overhead).

Be sure that you have wget installed, otherwise do sudo apt-get install wget.

mkdir -p ~/tmp
cd ~/tmp
wget -O
chmod +x
sudo ./

If wget can’t download file, try to download it from my reserve copy:

wget -O

Now you’ll have Adobe Air installed.

Get and install Bankrobber

It was quite hard to find Bankrobber app, because most of the links were broken and/or outdated, so here is my reserve copy:

wget -O Bankrobber\_0\_1\_3\_beta.air\_0\_1\_3\_beta.air

Preparation required to run Bankrobber: you need to have installed faketime app (both x64 and i386 if you have multiarch system):

sudo apt-get install faketime

You could try to mess with this file on your own. If you want to run it without any troubles, I’ve prepared script:

# Download archive with Banrobber and starter script inside:
wget -O Bankrobber\_linux.tgz\_linux.tgz
# Unpack all
tar zxvf Bankrobber_linux.tgz
cd Bankrobber_linux

On the first time, this script will install you Bankrobber.

The second time you start it will propose you to run already installed Bankrobber.

(Bank robber app install)[]

Run existent Robber

Have fun!

WARNING: Sounds in video could be a bit loud. Sorry for this and for sound quality at all in video.

P.S.: According to information on Info screen of Bankrobber, you can find more information at the BankRobber website: But this site is down for a long time. It makes me sad that such cool peace of software leaved without attention anymore.

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