Hi, troopers!

Only Google knows how you get here, but here, in this gingerbread house, you might find a handpicked set of stories interesting for authors solely.

Considering the authors here…

Back in my schooldays, falling in love with literature replaced me a need to breathe, swimming skills, dancing, etc. This fact explains why I’m not so good at raves, drawing hands, or singing a national hymn.

Reading leads to writing as a thread walks after a needle. The first embarrassment for anyone on this path is home-made poetry. In my case, it was stimulated with applause for some time at self-gathered parties. But on the halfway to a personal poetry glory, I have realized that the modern poet role was kind of disgusting for me.

So winds get me into the harbor of plain texts without rhymes. And before the Internet had made a copywriter of my clay, I was found of political analytics in university. Real journalism is a rarity and earns my sincere respect.

Writing skills upgraded to habits after 12 years of practice. And the flow of clients tells me that I’ll have my bread and butter for the rest of my brain activity. I wrote articles for Forbes, CXL, SME, but goals like these are inspiring until you find out all the prestige of such magic tricks.

So currently I’m getting back to my pleasures of language application for deep understanding and making things clear for myself and other readers.

A part of those activities will be eternalized with this blog.

So welcome, get your shoes off, what can I treat you with?

Helga Lastivka.